The following General Conditions are part of the Charter-confirmation. Changes to these terms are valid only when confirmed in writing by AIR AMBULANCE.
  1. Request / Booking
    The application / booking is valid in written or verbal form. The offered transportation is subject to aircraft and crew availability until receiving the written confirmation of AIR AMBULANCE. After written confirmation the flight remains subject to granting of traffic-rights, slots and all necessary governmental approvals. In the case that landing or over flight permissions are not granted by the according authorities without AIR AMBULANCE being held responsible for this, costs equal as in case of a cancellation (see below 7.) will be charged.

  2. Conditions of Transport
    The charter of aircraft is valid according to charter-confirmation. Unplannable additional costs e.g. war-risk insurances, royalties, late-night handling, de-icing costs etc. will be charged separately. Changes of routing and/or Flight Schedule are subject to approval of AIR AMBULANCE and can be charged separately according to increased requirements and according surcharges. All changes are subject to the final decision of the pilot in command.

  3. Limitation of Liability
    The transportation of passengers, baggage or cargo is performed under the regulations of the Warsaw Convention. AIR AMBULANCE takes on no responsibility for incidents of force majeure e.g. strike, war, or sabotage. The transportation of cargo is performed under the same regulations.

  4. Flight Times
    The flight times mentioned in offers and confirmations are net flight times without Check-in/out times.

  5. Availability / Substitution
    AIR AMBULANCE shall be entitled, in case of not availability of the offered aircraft, to substitute with a comparable alternative aircraft of its own fleet. In any event of force majeure the aircraft can be substituted by any aircraft of the fleet of AIR AMBULANCE. In case that no aircraft of the own fleet is available, AIR AMBULANCE shall use its best efforts to substitute with another aircraft of the same standard.

  6. Documentation by Passengers
    It is the passengers obligation to provide all necessary travel documents which are required for immigration/emigration according to the regulations of governmental or other authorities of all relevant states/countries. AIR AMBULANCE has the right to refuse the transportation of any passenger or cargo, who/which does not comply with the regulations of these states/countries, or whose traffic documents are incomplete. AIR AMBULANCE shall in no way be liable for loss or expense due to failure on the part of passengers to comply with the mentioned requirements.

  7. Cancellation Terms
    In case of cancellation of an entire flight program or any parts of the program, the following cancellation fees apply:
      Cancellation up to 96 hours prior to scheduled departure: 20% of the agreed flight price.
      Cancellation less than 96 up to 48 hours prior to scheduled departure: 40% of the agreed flight price.
      Cancellation less than 48 up to 24 hours prior to scheduled departure: 60% of the agreed flight price.
      Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to scheduled departure: 80% of the agreed flight price.
    In the event that AIR AMBULANCE already made the aircraft available at the airport of departure, all costs arising out of this action will be charged additionally without any obligation by AIR AMBULANCE to prove these costs.

  8. Agent / Broker orders
    In the event that AIR AMBULANCE is chartered by Agents/Brokers on behalf of third parties, the Agents/Brokers are liable for all obligations concerning the clients' side in the charter contract.

  9. Terms of Payment
    If not otherwise agreed, all payments are due without deduction 2 working days prior first flight. Should a customer not or not in time fulfill an agreed term of payment, AIR AMBULANCE is entitled to refuse transportation and to charge costs equal as in case of a cancellation (see 7.).

  10. Others
    In the event that parts of the general conditions become invalid, the remaining paragraphs are not affected. Any dispute shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Milano. Valid from: January 2012.
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