Since 2007 AIR AMBULANCE has been the leading air-medical transport company in Italy and the only national operator with a fleet of air ambulance.
Since 2010 AIR AMBULANCE has been certified with the Full Accreditation of "Special Care" from the most important European Health accreditation company and has become the single point of contact for air-medical transport. We provide services for major European Insurance companies, Insurance Assistances, major hospitals, national and international Excellence in Nursing centres, Consulates and Embassies.
The aircraft, strategically placed on the national and European territory, guarantee to offer the best price thanks to the optimal bases in Prague, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Rome, Malta and Athens, located close to the imaginary "backbone" of the Europe. Thus allow significant savings on flight times, ensuring you always get the cheapest service in quotations.
Receiving the certificates of appreciation and recognition of our private clients for our everyday efforts is the greatest satisfaction for us.
AIR AMBULANCE is fully active 24 hours per day, 365 days per year with 7 ambulance aircraft set up and managed by our Operations and Alarm Centre in Milan.
All our aircraft are equipped with intensive care beds and the most professional, highest quality medical equipment currently available worldwide.
Our patients are treated, monitored and taken care of by highly qualified specialist medical staff selected and appointed based on specific corporate standards, certified as airworthy Air Medics.
Anaesthetist and resuscitation doctors and Emergency Physicians are the two professional groups on call at all times. An appropriate doctor is assigned to the emergency depending on the circumstances. These doctors are assisted by nurses with expertise in accident and emergency, and intensive care procedures and supported by health centres of latest generation. All medical personnel and operatives are able to speak at least one foreign language (all staff speak perfect English with a particular focus on health and medicine). All staff take part in specific training in three stages: in the classroom, in our flight simulator (Mock Up working environment) and finally alongside crews during actual operational missions.
Our equipment, provided by the major leading national and international companies in the industry, have been carefully selected, chosen to meet the needs and demands of the most sensitive types of patient transportation, such as in the cases of infant patients, and the majority of general health conditions. We also have isolation rooms available for the secure transportation of severe burns victims or carriers of infectious diseases.
As part of our quality of care assurance, the aircraft are sanitized with special techniques and products after each flight. The same methods of sterilization are used in our aircraft as that of surgical rooms to ensure maximum hygiene and environmental quality for each and every patient.
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