The highly popular Cessna 500 Citation pioneered the entry level light business jet market, and their success formed the basis for the world's largest family of corporate jets.

Cessna became the first of the big three American manufacturers (Piper, Beech and Cessna) to develop a jet powered transport. In October 1968 Cessna announced its plans to build a new eight place jet powered business aircraft that would be capable of operating into airfields already served by light and medium twins. Dubbed the Fanjet 500, the prototype flew for the first time on September 15 1969. Soon after the new little jet was named the Citation.

A relatively long development program followed, during which time a number of key changes were made to the design including a longer forward fuselage, repositioned engine nacelles, greater tail area and added dihedral to the horizontal tail. In this definitive form the Citation was granted FAA certification on September 9 1971.
Production of the Citation I ceased in 1985, its place in the Citation line left vacant until the arrival of the CitationJet on 1993.
Country of Origin
United States of America
Citation - Two 9.79kN (2.200lb) Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbofans.
Citation - Max speed 647km/h (350kt), max cruising speed 644km/h (348kt). Initial rate of climb 3.350ft/min. Service ceiling 38,400ft. Range with eight people on board and reserves at high speed cruise 2.250km (1.215nm).
Citation - Empty 2.455kg (5.408lb), max takeoff 4.920kg (10,850lb).
Citation - Wing span 13.32m, length 13.26m, height 4.36m. Wing area 24.2mq.
Two pilots for Citation. Optional main cabin layouts for five, six or seven passengers. Can be configured as an AIR AMBULANCE with one two medical attendants.
Over 690 Citations, were built between 1971 and 1985.
Light corporate jets
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