After several years of teaching experience and given the growing number of aircraft available, AIR AMBULANCE decided the time had come to organize advanced courses for their health care professionals and for those with the desire to approach and enter this particular "niche" field of work.
The courses are taught in English by experienced technicians and the main manufacturers of the equipment on board the aircraft. These courses are supported by professionals in flight, operational and technical management. Like no other company worldwide, we offer a theoretical course in our classrooms, a course on the ground in our plane simulator (mock up working environment) combined with simulated experiences in water emergencies (e.g. in the case of plane crash at sea) and finally an intensive training period on actual emergencies, with our doctors on flights operating throughout the world for at least 20 operational missions.
After this training, rigorous assessments are carried out including multiple choice question testing and reviews of the initial theoretical assessment.
Only those who attain a minimum score of 90/100 will receive a certificate attesting full completion of the course. Only the best candidates will be given the opportunity to work with us at one of our air bases.

These courses are open only to anaesthetists and resuscitators Doctors and Nurses, with a proven track record of at least 2 years in Emergency Departments or with a background in Intensive Care Departments and with a certified English knowledge "TEA test-rating of 4", as our pilots must already have. These courses are also aimed at staff already working abroad who want to practice professional work also in other companies.

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